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Katergo Beach in FolegandrosFolegandros is a small, charming and sunny Aegean island. The natural beauties and the warm hospitality of its residents, have turned the island into a popular travel destination. It is the perfect place for those wanting to relax.

The island of Folegandros belongs to the southwest Cyclades. It is located between Milos and Sikinos islands. It has an area of 32 sq. km and a length of shores that reaches up to 40 km. Folegandros is 104 nautical iles from the port of Piraeus.

Folegandros is an island with many mountainous areas and a rocky ground. The island impresses all visitors with the alterations of scenery. The wild mountainous bulks, the lacy shores, the green fields and the traditional settlements, create a magical scenery.

A tour around the island will stay forever in your mind, while you' ll have the chance to take some amazing photos.

Upon your arrival at the port of Karavostasis, the island will start to unfold its hidden beauties right in front of your eyes.


Kastro in FolegandrosHora (Chora) of Folegandros: Hora is one of the oldest traditional towns in the Cyclades.

The Hora, closed to car and motorcycle traffic, has a unique "centre" of three squares in a row, with trees under which to enjoy a drink or a bite to eat in a quiet, romantic atmosphere. While in the Hora of Folegandros, it's worth seeing the Kastro.
The medieval settlement of Kastro (castle in Greek) is the old part of Hora, built on the verge of a steep cliff, 210 m. above the sea. "Kastro" in Greek means "fortress". However, this is not a fortress as such, but a defensive configuration of houses that used to protect the inhabitants from enemy raids. As years went by and the threat of raids wore off, the settlement started to develop outside the enclosed area of Kastro, which has been inhabited without interruption since its establishment. Today, the medieval settlement of Kastro is protected by the Ministry of Culture and the Greek Archaeological Society.

Church of Virgin Mary in FolegandrosThe church of the Virgin Mary is one of the most outstanding historical monuments of Folegandros and its most important church, dedicated to the Assumption - or Dormition - of Virgin Mary.

Perched on the cliff-top above Hora and it lies, in all likelihood, on the site of an ancient temple, building materials from which have been used in its construction. One can see ancient inscriptions and statue fragments incorporated in the masonry of the interior and the courtyard walls.

This single-aisled, multi-domed basilica used to be a katholikon of a nunnery. Here lies the only marble templon of the island, made by Kaparias, a sculptor from Tinos, in 1896. The same atist has made the archibishop's throne and the pulpit.

The episcopal icon of The Virgin that is kept in the church is associated with many stories and legends of Folegandros. According to the old Folegandriot custom, during Easter time the silver-ornamented icon of the Virgin is carried in procession to all the houses of the island.

To get to Panaghia pass through Pounta square and go up the zig-zag paved road which leads to the church courtyard(15').

Karavostasis (Karavostasi or Karavostassi) is situated 2km from Hora. The houses are built according the traditional Cycladic architecture. Karavostasi is the island's port and you should visit the areas of Petousi and Livadi.

Ecological and Folklore Museum of FolegandrosAno Meria:
Here you will find the Ecological and Folklore Museum of Folegandros with exhibits which reconstruct the farming practices of the island. It includes a rural residence with out buildings, an orchard and vineyard, utensils used in daily life, as well as local costumes. Housed in a typical 19th century farmhouse ("Themonia") of Ano Meria with an exquisite view, the Folklore Museum was established in 1988 by the Folegandros Cultural Society. Here, one can get an idea of how a rural household functioned until the middle of the 20th century, as the museum is a reconstruction of this special type of dwelling. Apart from the interior of the main residence one can visit the surrounding buildings (cellar, oven, store-room, stable etc.) or take a look at the small library (complete with accomodation and study facilities).


Angali Beach: Angali means hug, the rocks around the beach look like a big hug from rocks. You will find Angali next to the road from chora to Ano Meria. At the beach are placed nice restaurants and you can take a boat to visit the small beaches of Agios Nikolaps , Livadaki and Ampeli.

Chochlidia Beach: Near the port of Karavostasi you can find a very nice beach. Its a place with deep blue water and there are also some trees offering their shadow to the swimmer. There are several taverns on the beach for fresh fish.

Livadi Beach is a sandy beach is ideal for water sports. Livadi is connected by road with Karavostasi.

Katergo Beach is one of the most famous beaches of the island and you should visit it. The best way to go to Katergo is by boat from the main harbour of Karavostasi. Be careful you need to be foul equipped because there are no services at the beach. The most important is to take water with you.

Ampeli Beach in FolegandrosAmpeli Beach is a small quiet beach but is accessibly only by foot or private boat. There is a path from Agios Panteleimonas Church (near Ano Meria) and you need at least 30 minutes to clime down to the beach.Panteleimonas on foot or go on a donkey from Ano Meria. Here the sun sets later creating a unique view and peace and quiet is guaranteed.

Aghios Georgios Beach: At the northern side of the island you can visit Agios Georgios beach. Be careful and don't choose to visit the beach when the wind is from the north

Livadaki Beach is a small white beach famous for the unique undersea life. Don't forget to take your diving equipment and your camera. There are to ways to access the beach, or by boat from Angali or by Car from Ano Meria but you have to go on foot after one point.

Aghios Nikolaos beach took its name from the small church which is placed on a small hill next to the beach. It is a great sandy beach with some trees offering their shadow. It is the only beach on the boat trip of Folegandros where a small tavern, cafe exists just above the chapel of Agios Nikolaos offering food and drinks. You can rich the beach from Angali either by foot or by sea (by boat).

Vardia Beach: Near Karavostasi is the sandy beach of Vardia. Very unique spot and easy to access.

Latinaki Beach is a great small beach into Karavostasis bay and the first one we come across after Chochlidia.

Aspropounta Beach: Aspropounta is not a beach! It is a spot between Livadaki and Agios Nikolaos with great rock formations and a beautiful small bay. It is here that the small boat that makes the tour stops for swimming and lunch and therefore we include it in this section.


Map of Folegandros


Map of Folegandros location, Greece


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