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Ios PortIos island in Greece is a famous tourist destination , attracting visitors with its golden beaches and the characteristic Aegean architecture. Ios is well known as the party island with the lively atmosphere and the endless fun.
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Ios ChoraIos Chora or Ios Town is the main and only real village of Ios, build on the western side of the island, twenty minutes walk from the Town port. It is a real jewel, built amphitheatrically and shimmering under the sun.
It easily charms everyone with its little cube houses with flat-roofed houses and its narrow stone paved streets winding like a labyrinth of white lines traditionally painted around the large flat stones; arches and arcades are merging from a street or between two houses and contribute to the creation of a wonderful and magical atmosphere.

In this typical Cycladic village, one of the most beautiful town in the entire Cyclades, visitors will find many hotels, pensions, rooms for rent, restaurants, fine jewellery, gift and souvenir shops, mini markets and a great amount of bars and night clubs.

To enjoy the beauty and charms of Hora, it is better to wander around its magical streets during day-light hours, when most of the crowd is lying on the beaches, the bars closed and the locals out of their houses.

The breathtaking view from Panaghia Gremiotissa, the highest spot of the village, is worth seeing and truly unforgettable, especially during the amazing sunset. Behind the beautiful whitewashed windmills is the outdoor amphitheatre Odysseas Elytis (a famous Greek poet), where some concerts and plays are performed during summer.

The ruins of the Venetian castle which lie on the top of the hill and look over the village, are also very interesting to see. Despite the great amount of tourists and the frenetic nightlife, Hora has kept its traditional character and colours, as it has been proclaimed a preserved settlement.

Ios Windmills: The beautiful party island of Ios is about a seven hour ferry ride away from Athens and about an hour's ferry ride from Santorini. Ios has some extremely picturesque and worth visiting windmills. Standing at the port it is difficult to locate them. But on walking about 2 km into the main town of Ios, you will first see several almost destroyed windmills that are no longer in use.

On walking further to higher ground you will see some very well preserved windmills now used as homes surrounded by beautiful, colorful gardens.

Majority of the windmills are found in the typically Cycladic town of Chora or Hora. Twelve windmills on the top of the mountain slope at Chora complete its scenic beauty. These age old windmills are worn by the weather but they still proudly watch over the small church of Agios Nikolaos near by. Atleast two of these windmills have been restored today. Back in the day, the windmills were used to produce energy to grind grains and helped enormously by adding to the agricultural economy and satisfying the food requirements of the island. Today they stand as ornamental monuments that add to the landscape and bear testimony to the unique local architecture. These charming structures that look over the turquoise Aegean Sea are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sites of the island.

Every individual visiting the island should make it obligatory to visit atleast one of these windmills. They are an inseparable part of the history of the island and it is only fair that one pays homage to them.

The Tomb of Homer on Ios: Homer was among the greatest poets in ancient Greek history who wrote epics like Odyssey and Iliad. Legend has it that it was on the island of Ios that Homer took his last breath and now he supposedly lies buried in his grave at Plakoto in the northernmost part of the island on a hill. Some say that Homer's mother, Clymene, was from Ios and that is why Homer chose to spend his last days there.

Some say he died succumbing to a sickness that developed after he had a fall, others that Homer was unable to solve ariddle posed to him by the locals and so they had to kill him. Homer supposedly died somewhere between 1100 and 900 B.C. His tomb was supposedly discovered by Pasch Van Krienen who was a government representative during the Russian Naval Brigade.

To get to the grave, you can either take a motorbike or a car from the port or from Chora and make your way up to Pano Kambos, an extremely fertile valley full of vineyards and olive trees and then to Koulida. From there, if you leave the asphalt road and take the path to the left you will be on your way to the Plakoto beach. Just a few meters short of that is the path that will lead you to the ancient ruins of graves that are from the Hellenistic period of which one is supposedly that of Homer's.

The islanders had little evidence to prove that Homer was truly buried there until a 17th Century archaeologist found some graves in the same region and declared that one of them had an inscription that identified it as Homer's grave. Besides this, there were coins and texts by ancient historians Stravon, Pausanias and Herodotus to give proof to the fact that Homer was infact buried here.

Since then, the grave has become a major tourist attraction for Ios. The area has also got sorts of elegant, carved and engraved headstones. Even then some have their doubts about whether this truly is Homer's grave as there is no concrete evidence for this.

Even if Homer is not really buried there, the trip is definitely not a waste. The scenery around the grave is so beautiful that you have to take a moment simply to appreciate it. After visiting the grave, you can also laze around at the Plakoto beach, drive to the Agia Theodoti bay or visit the admirable 16th Century Church of Agia Theodoti which is the oldest on the island.


Manganari Beach, IosManganari Beach, Ios: About 23 kilometres from Ormos port, on the south coast of Ios, at the end of Mylopotas beach, a road climbs up the hills and turns right before Kalamos monastery to reach the wonderful and almost deserted Manganari bay. This enchanting bay is divided into five idyllic beaches with golden sand or pebbles, and shallow crystalline emerald waters.

The magical beauty of Manganari charms every visitor who has the chance to see it. Various water sports, fish taverns and rooms for rent can be found in this fantastic bay. Manganari is like paradise on earth and will fulfil every need for relaxing holidays in an incredibly beautiful environment. Taxi-boats and local buses leave regularly from Ormos port, Hora and Mylopotas for Manganari.

Mylopotas Beach, IosMylopotas Beach, Ios : South west of Chora, Mylopotas beach, the busiest beach of Ios, can get really crowded during summer. The long sandy beach extends for one kilometre and offers sun beds, umbrellas, beach bars, cafes, restaurants and a great variety of sea sports. Its emerald waters are a real delight as is its pure golden sand.

Mylopotas can be reached by the buses departing from Hora every 15 minutes or by a donkey path.

Koumbara Beach, Ios : Koumbara is in a beautiful bay at a 30 minute walk north-west of the Ormos port; it can be also reached by bus (leaving from Ormos). It is a 300 metres long sandy beach with taverns and rooms for lent nearby. A beach bar is located on the beach and serves refreshing cocktails. Koubara is also a very quiet place, undisturbed by the noise and the big crowds of tourism. It is the ideal place for swimming into clear shallow waters, along the Ios rocks and cliff dive. Koubara's pure and soft golden sand is marvellous, but not as much as the astonishing sunsets that can be seen from it.


Map of Ios Island


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