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Going on Greece holidays would be one of the best ways to enjoy your vacations. Greece is home to so many tourist spots and destinations. Two of the best holiday attractions here are Paros and Antiparos. Both places offer many things you never imagine exist. The beaches in the said places may actually be compared with heaven-like paradise. They let you relax and unwind from your stressful everyday work. More than this, they also give you a taste of incomparable Greek culture.

Paros & Antiparos are two bright islands of the Cyclades, with picturesque landscapes, deep blue seawaters and peaceful white architecture. Today, Paros & Antiparos are popular islands thanks to their original magic which includes a rich history, a carefree lifestyle, a hospitable natural and social environment, an enticing countryside with an active rural life and abundant sandy beaches.


Naoussa ParosParikia, the capital and main port, on the western side of Paros Island, is a joy for those who want to spend their vacations in a classical Cycladic town. Parikia is full of narrow alleyways, whitewashed houses with arches and curves and small churches. It is a favourite holiday destination and offers countless hotels, apartments, rooms for rent, studios and pensions, as well as endless night time entertainment. There are several lovely beaches nearby and some archaeological sites that are definitely worth a visit.

Naoussa is a beautiful seaside settlement that is considered one of the most popular resorts on Paros Island. The settlement is built over Naoussa Bay, offering a spectacular view of the bay and the deep blue Aegean. The area has some of the best beaches on the island, with sand and impressive rock formations. Naoussa is also characterized by its whitewashed houses, its quaint alleyways as well as the archeological sites located in the area. The settlement has many hotels, rooms for rent and apartments as well as entertainment venues where visitors can enjoy themselves till the wee hours of the morning.

Piso LivadiThe lovely settlement of Piso Livadi, situated on the eastern side of Paros, is famous for its stunning sandy beach that is lined with trees, its quaint fishing port and its well developed tourist infrastructure with several shops, hotels, rooms for rent, cafés and tavernas. Piso Livadi is a quiet settlement ideal for those who seek a getaway from the everyday hustle and bustle.


Paros has countless beaches, ranging from long and sandy to very small, popular and more isolated ones, featuring beach clubs, umbrellas and sun beds or offering unspoiled natural beauty. It could be said that there are beaches on Paros & Antiparos to suit every taste. No matter what type of visitor you are, you are guaranteed to find the beach of your dreams on Paros. The island possesses all kinds of beaches: from long stretches of sand that are crowded with sunbathers and water sports aficionados to peaceful, secluded coves. Paros beaches are well-known for their clean, azure waters.

Agia Irini Beach in western Paros is located just 4 km south of Parikia, is a small sandy beach with clean waters, lined with palm trees that create an exotic setting. Agia Irini is one of the best Paros beaches for snorkeling and scuba diving. It offers several hotels, apartments and rooms for rent as well as restaurants and cafes. The beach can be accessed on foot on a path from the main road.

Aliki Beach is situated in southwestern Paros in a sheltered bay on the southwestern side of Paros, next to Aliki village. It has clear waters, ideal for scuba diving, fishing and snorkeling. It offers a few hotels, rooms to rent and several seafood tavernas and bars. From Aliki Beach, visitors can easily reach the small isles of Glaropunta, Tigani and Pantieronissi.

Ambelas Beach located in northeastern Paros just a few kilometers from Naoussa, is a lovely sheltered sandy beach with clear sparkling waters. It is situated in the settlement of Ambelas, a charming fishing village that has an abundance of seafood tavernas and small cafes. Ambelas Beach offers a number of hotels and rooms to rent and is accessible by car or bus.

Chryssi Akti Beach in southeastern Paros , the longest sandy beach in Paros, is popular with windsurfers due to the excellent wind conditions in the area. It is one of the most frequented and well-developed Paros beaches, lined with tavernas, restaurants, bars and cafés. A wide variety of windsurfing, beach and water sport facilities is also available. Near Chryssi Akti Beach are many hotels, apartments, rooms for rent and studios. There is frequent bus transport to the area, although if you prefer, you can easily come in private transport. The beach has been awarded the blue flag for safety and cleanliness.

Drios Beach in southeastern Paros is a lovely sandy beach lined with green trees, on the southeastern side of Paros Island. During high season, the beach is rather crowded with sunbathers and water sport lovers. Drios Beach offers rooms for rent and hotels, as well as an array of beach bars and restaurants. It can be reached by car, motorbike or by bus.

On the southern side of Paros is Faraggas Beach, situated in a small cove, making it ideal for those who prefer quiet and secluded Paros Beaches. The beach is organized with various tourist facilities, such as tavernas and beach bars. Visitors can reach Faraggas Beach by a path from the main road.

The small sandy beach of Glyfa, located on the southern side of Paros, is a favourite beach of the local Parians who wish to escape from the crowds. There is a road leading to the beach from other towns and beaches in southern Paros.

Kolimbithres Beach, ParosKolimbithres Beach, located in Naoussa Bay, in Northern Paros is one of the most well-known Paros Beaches. It is actually a succession of small sandy coves and smooth granite rocks that are uniquely shaped, creating little pools of waters. Kolimbithres Beach is ideal for children and offers a wonderful view of Naoussa. Some parts of the beach are organized with chaise longues and water sport facilities. Tavernas, beach bars, hotels, apartments, rooms for rent and studios are located nearby.

Krios Beach in western Paros is a long beach with fine white sand and clean waters, situated just 2 kilometers from Parikia. It is one of the less frequented Paros Beaches. Krios Beach provides umbrellas and chaise longue, as well as tavernas, beach bars and beach volleyball courts. The surrounding area is packed with hotels, apartments and rooms for rent. The beach can be accessed by road or by sea with a boat that departs from Parikia.

Approximately 15 kilometers from Naoussa in Northern Paros is the beautiful beach of Lageri. It is generally preferred by nudists who seek more serene Paros Beaches. Lageri is a sandy beach, with sand dunes and natural shade. You can reach Lageri Beach by the main road and then by foot path or boat from Naoussa.

Livadia Beach in Western Paros is located just 700 meters north of Parikia. Its close proximity to the capital, makes it one of the most frequented beaches on Paros. Livadia is a long sandy beach that is divided into parts, some of which are organized. Water sport facilities are offered on the beach, while many seaside hotels, rooms for rent, restaurants, cafés and beach bars are located in the area.

Logaras BeachLogaras Beach in southeastern Paros is another popular beach in the southeast of Paros that offers both crowded and quiet spots. It is pebbly and has very clear, shallow waters and has been awarded the blue flag. Logaras Beach provides a variety of water sport facilities and is ideal for snorkeling. It is easily accessible and has tavernas, restaurants and bars, as well as an abundance of hotels, apartments, studios and rooms for rent.

Marchello Beach in western Paros, located 2,5 kilometers from Parikia, is one of the most frequented beaches on Paros Island. It is a long stretch of sand, with a bit of pebble and crystal-clear waters, offering a splendid view of Parikia. Marchello Beach is actually a succession of small rocky coves. It provides visitors sunbathing facilities and a wide variety of comforts such as hotels, rooms for rent, apartments, cafés, restaurants and beach bars. The beach can be easily accessed by car, motorbike or excursion boat departing from Parikia.

On the eastern side of Paros is the sandy and pebbly beach of Molos, which is rather isolated and ideal for those who wish to spend their day at a quiet beach that is edged with trees for shade. Molos Beach is also great for windsurfing, as the wind conditions in the area are perfect for the sport. Diving is also recommended, as its blue waters are relatively deep. There are several tavernas nearby. The beach can be accessed by car or motorbike.

Monastiri Beach in northern Paros is one of the most popular Paros Beaches, located on the northern side of the island, close to Kolimbithres Beach. It is set in a bay, surrounded by verdant hills, beneath a monastery. Monastiri Beach is sandy and well-organized, with umbrellas, chaise longue and a beach bar taverna. The water is rather shallow and pool-like, and usually crowded with swimmers. The beach possesses a number of water sport and yacht docking facilities. During the summer months, Monastiri Beach hosts live concerts, beach parties and other events. It can be easily accessed by car, motorbike or boat from Naoussa.

Nea Chryssi Akti Beach (New Golden Beach) lays on the southeastern side of Paros. It is a very popular, organized beach with soft golden sand and beach facilities, such as windsurfing and water sport clubs, as well as bars, tavernas, hotels, rooms for rent and apartments. The beach is easily accessed by car, motorbike or bus from other towns and beaches in Paros. It has been awarded the blue flag and is the venue for the World Windsurfing Cup, which takes place every year in August.

Parasporos Beach in western Paros, located just 2,5 kilometers from Parikia, is a well-organized Paros Beach, with a multitude of umbrellas and chaise longues, as well as beach bars, tavernas and restaurants. It is a long sandy beach with turquoise waters. Parasporos Beach can be accessed by public bus or private transportation.

Piperi Beach in Northern Paros, the beach of Naoussa Town, is a small stretch of sand, situated beneath the white-washed houses and the narrow alleyways of Naoussa. If you like snorkeling, we recommend this beach. Piperi, a popular beach of the locals, is within walking distance of the center of Naoussa, with a wide array of hotels, rooms for rent, studios, apartments and dining venues such as tavernas, bars and cafes.

The beach of Piso Livadi in southeastern Paros is one of the most attractive Paros Beaches, with shallow waters, soft sand and tamarisk trees. The area has many tavernas and bars, while hotel accommodation is abundant. The beach is easily accessible by car, motorbike or public bus.

Pounta Beach, ParosPounta Beach (or Punda Beach) in southeastern Paros is the most frequented beach on Paros Island, crowded with swimmers and sunbathers at all times of the day. This sandy beach caters mainly to young people who want to dance, drink and have fun beneath the sun. The beach is next to a large complex that includes swimming pools, bars, cafes, restaurants, shops, beach and water sport facilities, etc. Pounta Beach is sandy and long, with clean waters. It can be reached easily by bus or car. The area surrounding Pounta Beach offers a wide range of hotels, rooms for rent, apartments and studios.

One of the best Paros Beaches is Santa Maria Beach in northern Paros, which is situated just a few kilometers from Naoussa. It is a very long, sandy beach, with clean, shallow waters and fully-organized, providing sunbathing equipment and windsurfing,water sport facilities. Santa Maria Beach is lined with bars and tavernas for those who want to take a break from sunbathing to cool down and have a snack. It is accessible by public bus, car or motorbike.


During your holiday on Paros Island, we recommend you set aside a few days to visit Antiparos Island. It is a small Cycladic Island, located opposite Paros that was once a significant center of the Cycladic civilization. Most of the island's 900 permanent residents live here. In the summer this number is multiplied, but even then, the village retains its feel of peace and quiet. Antiparos is a popular tourist destination for those who want to spend their vacation bonding with nature. In comparison to other Greek Islands, it is relatively untouched by mass tourism, making it ideal for an easy-going and relaxing holiday.

The beaches on Antiparos Island are quite extraordinary, some are long sandy stretches and others are rocky coves, but all have shimmering blue waters. The best beaches on Antiparos Island are: Psaralyki, Ai Giorgis, Agios Spiridonas, Apandima, Glyfa, Livadia, Panagia, Sifneiko, Soros, and Theologos. Throughout Antiparos there are white cubic houses, narrow alleyways and lovely churches that are typical of the Cycladic Islands.

A tour of the sites of Antiparos Island is an amazing experience. In the capital town, you can see the Venetian Castle and stroll through the quaint streets that are decorated with bougainvillea flowers. The most significant site in Antiparos is the Cave on Agios Ioannis Hill, which contains some of the finest stalagmites and stalactites in Europe. The cave also includes a number of inscriptions, the most prominent being that of King Otto in 1840.

You can reach Antiparos by ferry boat from either Parikia Port passengers only or Punta Port passengers and cars or motorbikes.


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