A green island in the Saronic Gulf

Agistri is a small pine-clad island, with pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters; it’s a popular destination for all those keen on outdoor sports such as hiking, cycling, sailing, kayaking or horse riding. The place is ideal for those of you who wish to take a break from your daily routine, and enjoy some peace and quiet, long walks in the countryside, great food and lovely beaches.

Myth has it that the island’s name, Agistri (meaning “hook”), is
owed to travellers who reached its shores and were captured by,
“hooked” on its beauty, and inevitably grew a longing to stay there

Since ancient times, Megalochori (the island capital) has been a safe haven for ships which carried goods and supplies to its harbour. Over the ages, Agistri shared the history of neighbouring Aegina Island. Legend has it that it was part of the kingdom of Aiakos of Aegina, and it is believed that modern-day Agistri was ancient Kekryfaleia, known to have been an ally of Aegina during the Trojan War.  
There are three villages on the island: Megalochori, Limenaria, and Skala. Visit them, get to know the local traditions, and taste delicious local dishes. Stroll along the island’s picturesque little alleys, visit the traditional coffee houses and the windmill.