Mikres Kyklades Lines

Mikres Kyklades Lines (Small Cyclades Lines) is a small ferry company that serves schedules between the Cycladic islands of Naxos, Amorgos and the islands of Small Cyclades group, in particular Donoussa, Schinoussa, Iraklia and Koufonisia.

It has only one ferry Express Skopelitis that can carry 340 passengers and a limited number of vehicles. It runs 6 times a week from Naxos to Amorgos via the islands of Small Cyclades, serving many tourists in summer and connecting the few residents of Small Cyclades group with two larger islands.

General Information


Port of Katapola

Post Code: 84008

Fax: 0030 22850 74119

E-mail: mxl957@otenet.gr