Inaugural Rhodes Food Festival Coming to Greece in May 2022

Cosmopolitan and modern, spectacular yet unspoiled, Rhodes constitutes a unique island landscape in the Aegean; A sea full of adventures, experiences, and myths reflecting on every single dish served!”

— George Hatzimarkos, the Governor of South Aegean Region

Gourmands will taste the real Greece on the third-largest island of Rhodes. This island has been famous since Ancient Greece for the palate-pleasing and famously exclusive gastronomy and wine. Rhodian cuisine ranges from customary cafes to time-tested tavernas and refined fine dining.

Epicureans seeking to immerse with Greece’s finest gastronomic offerings while wishing to combine a culture trip and beach vacation need to take notice of the Rhodes Food Festival in May of 2022.

George Hatzimarkos, the Governor of South Aegean Region says: “Situated at the crossroads of three continents and combining the sophisticated worldliness of Europe with the mystery of the East, Rhodes is one of the most developed islands in the Mediterranean, boasting enough reasons and significant advantages as an unrivaled destination. Foodies from all over the world choose Rhodes to taste the blend of civilizations, the traces of history, the gems of nature, and the brilliant combination of tradition along with its cosmopolitan atmosphere. Cosmopolitan and modern, traditional and ancient, spectacular yet unspoiled, Rhodes constitutes a unique island landscape in the Aegean; A sea full of adventures, experiences, and myths reflecting on every single dish served!”

On the typical table set on Rhodes, food is accompanied by extremely delicious bread, which is traditionally home-made (countryside-style with fermented rye). Buns, cheese pies, oil buns and small pies with honey, cinnamon and clove are also baked in these ovens. The holy liquid of god Dionysos, wine, has been a main feature on the typical table of Rhodes ever since the ancient times and remains one to this day. The wines produced on the island are considered to be among the best in the world.

Sweets of Rhodes are the traditional Greek spoon sweets. These are seasonal fruits (quince, plume, orange, chestnut, apricot, cherry etc.), which must be of excellent quality, preserved in sugar. Well-known sweets are “galaktoboureko”, “baklava”, “kadaifi”, “melomakarona”, “simigdalenios chalvas”, “ravani” and “samali”. Any true gourmand must try the ancient and modern delicacies of “Pouges”, “Tsirigia”, “Kapamas”, Tzatziki, Greek traditional salad,”Gemista”, “Giaprakia”, “Makarounes”, “Mousaka” and “Pasticcio”.

The Greek Island of Rhodes, acclaimed as a summer chic destination for European holidaymakers, is now catching the eye of American travelers seeking pristine beaches and authentic experiences. Rhodes is equitably a year-round destination. Its star attraction is the crown jewel maze of cobblestone streets of classical Lindos, the medieval citadel perfectly nestled adjacent to lively Rhodes Town.

Experiential attractions include a walking tour of the beautiful walled citadel Acropolis of Lindros guided by local historians. Inside the Medieval Castle, see the shrine dedicated to Athena, the Governor’s Palace of the Castle of St. John’s Knights.

Break bread and drink wine like the Ancient Greeks while on this exclusive tour.

Travel in comfort as this tour includes all transportation to and from Rhodes International Airport and throughout the island, along with all excursions and meals on an all-inclusive basis. Spend seven marvelous nights at one of two beachfront luxury resort hotels: The adults-only, Ixian Grand, or the luxurious all-inclusive Mitsis Alila Resort & Spa.

Join fellow foodies with a passion for Greek epicure at the Rhodes Food Festival evening gala held at the chic seaside spa at splendid Kalithea Springs.

Start a culinary day with a highly nutritional Greek breakfast, including an extensive sampling of pastry, bread, fruits, and Greek yogurt. Enjoy an intimate introduction to Greek viticulture, experiencing the diversity of Greek wines with an exclusive wine tasting tour of Rhodes paired with Greek mezes. Enjoy the freshest catch of the day with craft cocktails in a beach-chic backdrop. To glimpse into traditional life, visit the timeless picturesque villages of Appolona, Empona, and other enclaves showcasing regional cuisine and time-honored customs.

The week includes time to relax at the luxury resorts or add-on excursions to Symi and Halki. Both gems of the Dodecanese Island chain, standing out of the other Greek islands for the beautiful architecture, colorful houses, and a relaxed ancient Greek atmosphere.

For more information, complete itinerary, rates and to book this bucket-list package, visit is powered by a partnership between International Experiences and Insider Expeditions, which collectively bring decades of experience hosting exclusive international events and managing high-end travel experiences across all seven continents.

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