Saronic Gulf Islands

Under the name Saronic’s Islands a group of islands near Piraeus and under Piraeus prefecture can be found. Is a complex of six small islands which lies between Attica and the
The Saronic Gulf hosts a mix of city chaos and laid-back island flavor. The intrepid will uncover a gold mine of historical and natural sights, though at a steep price. Since the islands are a popular summer getaway for Athenians, room prices skyrocket as availability drops, especially on the weekends. Mid-week and low-season travelers with time to explore will encounter surprising diversity here.
Despite their geographic proximity, each island retains a distinct character. Aegina’s throngs of beer-swilling beachgoers live in a different world than Poros’s urbane upper crust, and Spetses’s motorbiking hipsters are much farther from Hydra’s mule-mounted artists than the 1hr. ferry between them would suggest.
islands because there are really easy to visit and we can beat that you are not going to regret the trip. From Piraeus you can daily catch the Ferry or the Flying Dolphin to these islands.

Below is summary of what one can find in the Saronic Gulf Islands, sorted in Alphabetical Order by Island.


You can also view the islands locations on the map of the Saronic Gulf below.